Two steps forward

Friday, October 2, was an eventful day with regard to the adoption process. The boys were spending the day with Greg’s parents so I decided to use the time to get some things done for the adoption that would be much easier without two little boys running around. I anticipated I would spend about 30 minutes copying all of our notarized documents, and then I would head to UPS to send them to the appropriate state for certification, followed by a quiet lunch at the coffee shop across the street.

There are approximately 25 documents that make up our dossier that will be sent to China.   Twelve of them have to be notarized. The notarized documents then have to been sent to the secretary of state where they were notarized. Most of our documents were notarized in Missouri, some were notarized in Kansas, and we were both born in Oklahoma so two of our documents had to go to Oklahoma.   Two hours of copying and printing (because we need three copies of everything), an hour of organizing all the copies and writing checks, and I finally headed to UPS to mail documents to three different states. It was 2pm before I had that quiet lunch I was anticipating. It was a tedious day, but it was a relief to have finally taken another step forward in the process.

Later that afternoon, I received an email with the news of our home study being approved! I was so excited! A completed home study is a huge component of the adoption process along with immigration approval.

Now that we have a completed home study we can apply to immigration for approval to bring a child into the United States. But, that brings more waiting. We are working on all the other documents for our dossier but immigration approval can take up to three months.

Two steps forward in one day. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Each day we are closer to bringing our daughter home but that day also seems so far away. It could still be 6-12 months before we are matched with a child and then another 2-3 months before we travel.   Even though I don’t know her name nor have I seen her face, I pray for her often. God knows who she is.

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