And We Wait…

Saturday, February 13, marked one month since we submitted our letter of intent to adopt Emily.

We are asked almost every day when we are traveling. Unfortunately, we don’t know. We are anticipating June at this point, but right now we are simply waiting, waiting for China to provide their letter of acceptance. Our agency told us it could take one to two months to get that letter.   In all honesty, I didn’t think it would really take that long since everything else has moved so much faster than we anticipated.

Once we receive that letter of acceptance, we can then update our immigration application, and then wait again. It can take another month to get our immigration approval. And then visa appointments have to be made at the US Consult in Guangzhou. And then travel arrangements can be made.

I was ready to get on a plane yesterday. Instead, we wait.

I am thankful for the pictures and video we have of Emily but I’m still trying to wrap my head around how much she changed, and how much she will change by the time we actually meet her face to face.



This sweet boy can’t wait to meet his little sister. He asks about her nearly every day. He recently drew her a picture to put in a family photo album we will be sending her. He also has a huge list of gifts he wants to buy all on his own. He has the biggest heart.  I love this kid!


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