Pictures of our daughter!

I recently joined a group on Facebook of families adopting from the same children’s welfare institution where Emily is living.  I’ve scanned tons of pictures looking for a glimpse of our daughter.  The last picture we have is from two months ago.  Last week a family posted that they were heading to China to officially adopt their little guy.  I noticed a little boy in the background of the picture, and realized that little boy was in the background of Emily’s pictures.  I sent a message to that family and asked, if they had the opportunity, if they could snap a picture of Emily.   I provided her name and her picture hoping for a small glimpse at how our daughter was doing.  This morning I woke up to this:









I was in tears!  Our little girl is walking and seems to be doing so well.  I was so excited to receive pictures, so much more than I expected.  For a moment it was bittersweet though;  someone else is on the other side of the world holding our precious little girl and we just get to see pictures.  I am so anxious to go get her but we continue to process paperwork.  I know she doesn’t understand but at least someone was able to tell her we love her and her mommy and daddy are coming for her!

On Friday, we received our immigration approval to adopt Emily.  Now we wait for a letter from the National Visa Center.  We are praying that it comes this week so that we can travel mid-May.

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One Response to Pictures of our daughter!

  1. Katy Myers says:

    How exciting that you have some current pictures of her! It must be such a blessing to see how well she is doing and to hear from another parent that the facility is a good one and that she is being well cared for. How awesome she got to tell her that her mommy is coming for her soon!

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