Why We Are Adopting

We are asked often why we chose to adopt. It’s a valid question.

In all honesty, I don’t have a simple and easy answer.

I’m not sure that I can sum up in a few words why we felt called to adopt. But, I can say I would not trade this experience for anything despite the challenges and uncertainties.

The last few days and weeks have brought me to my knees in heartache as I long to bring this little girl into our family.

Each day that passes is a day that she doesn’t get to experience the joy of being a part of a family. Each day is a day that we don’t get to see her grow and learn. But, it has helped me to understand just how much God loves me. I long to meet this little girl face-to-face, long to welcome her into our family, long to have a relationship with her, long for her to trust us and hopefully love us in return.

If I can love a little girl on the other side of the world that I have never met, and long to bring her into our family, how much more does God love us. God, who didn’t just create us but created us for a relationship with Him.


This little girl has done absolutely nothing to earn a place in our family but we love her anyway.  She will be just as much a member of our family as our two boys.   She doesn’t have to accept the love we offer, the relationships and the privileges of being in our family, but I pray she will. I pray that she will learn to trust us and understand just how much she is loved.  I pray that she will grow and flourish as a part of our family.

How much more does God love us and welcome us into his family, not because of anything we have done or can do, but simply because we believe in His Son, put our trust in Him and desire a relationship with Him.  How much more does He want to see us grow and flourish.

Emily, 17 months

I saw our daughter’s face for the first time three months ago. It has been a long three months as we wait. Yet, God waits and pursues us for years. That’s true love.

In addition to the joy that lays ahead in bringing her into our family, there are lots of challenges that lay ahead for us, for our daughter and for our boys. We may have some difficult days and weeks but we will push forward because we know God loves us and loves this little girl.

This little girl, and every child, has a right to:

  1. be safe
  2. have a safe adult to talk to
  3. to know they are precious (source: Empowered to Connect)

And I will add:

  1. to know they are loved by God.

So, I guess that’s why we are adopting.



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