China Bound

It’s official!  Plane tickets have been purchased!  We are headed to China in 5 days!

Awaiting the call from our agency this morning was excruciating!  Their main office is in Oregon so there’s a two hour time difference.   But, they were able to confirm all of our appointments and gave us the green light to purchase plane tickets.  We are so excited!  Now for a whirlwind of packing, finalizing travel plans and preparing our boys!

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3 Responses to China Bound

  1. Katy Myers says:



  2. Jay Schroeder says:

    AWESOME – Blessings on safe travels to the four of you there, the five of you on the way back and may all your official dealings go smoothly.


  3. gilleland5 says:

    the Gilleland crew is so excited for you guys!! This will be a life changing experience in so many ways. We know the excitement, anxiety and the fear of the unknown you guys are going through right now. It will all soon be gone the first time you see Emily and get to hold her. It is an amazing thing to experience!!! We will be praying for you guys!!


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