We made it to Nanjing last night!  We are in the same city as our little girl!

It wasn’t a very eventful day.  We left our Beijing hotel at 11am and had a 2 hour flight to Nanjing.  I am very thankful for our guides otherwise checking in at the airport and the hotel would be overwhelming.  Our guide had to insist we be put in a non-smoking room at our hotel here in Nanjing.  They put us in a smoking room anyway so our guide had to head back down and argue some more.  But, we are settled in and I finally got a good nights sleep.  It was raining in Nanjing yesterday so we weren’t able to explore much after we arrived.

We are now 7 hours away from meeting Emily!  I am full of so many emotions.  It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I feel like I did the day the hospital told us we could go home with our Little Man.  We waited 9 months to finally hold the little guy but then all the sudden you are responsible for this new life.

My heart also breaks for her first mom.  She made a huge sacrifice in hopes of giving her daughter a better life.  People here have openly shared about the one-child policy, and while I have read about it, hearing the Chinese speak of it adds a whole new dimension.  I’ll post more about it later.  For now, I’m excited to meet my daughter!

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4 Responses to Nanjing

  1. ahandy23 says:


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  2. Jill Fitts says:

    Lindsay, everyday when I read these my heart gets bigger and my prayers grow stronger than the day before. I cannot wait for her to be in your arms and showing her the love you already have for her before ever meeting her. I’m sure everyone one on this blog feels the same way.. We love her too just because we have learned so much about her and what God has already done in her life.


  3. James Nevins says:

    All of my friends are amazed and are full of compliments to you and your family. Just “keep them cards and letters a comin’ in”.; Grandpa


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