Gotcha Day (May 16)

(I’m having trouble adding pictures so you may only see a few.)

Our appointment to meet Emily wasn’t until 2:30pm Monday so we spent the morning exploring the area around our hotel.  A Confucius Temple is right down the street, including lots (and lots) of little shops surrounding it.  One of the first things we saw had us cracking up.  Greg’s standing at the entrance and if you look closely you can see a KFC, Pizza Hut, Haagen-Dazs and a Starbucks.


This area is really quite beautiful.


Greg is becoming quite a celebrity!  This is the second time someone has asked to take his picture.



We left the hotel with our guide at 2pm for the Civil Affairs office, where we would meet Emily and take temporary custody.  We arrived in about 5 minutes so we stood outside until it was time for our appointment.  Just a few minutes later a lady walked by with a young girl and our guide asked if that looked like Emily.  This little girl had a full head of hair with pigtails so it definitely was not her.  But, just a few minutes later another lady walked past with a little girl that looked just like the picture we received last week.  Our guide quickly ask if it was our daughter.  Everything happened so fast at that point.  The lady said yes as Emily was struggling to get down and play.  We were anxious to pick her up and talk to her but we weren’t quite sure what was ok.  Emily was following her shadow and checking out her light up shoes.  Based on her fascination I’m assuming the shoes were new just for this occasion.

After we played and talked with Emily for a while we headed inside as it approached our appointment time.

I vaguely remember our time in the Civil Affairs office.  I know we signed some papers to take temporary custody of Emily for 24 hours. We would return Tuesday to sign the official adoption paperwork.  What I do remember is the memory book the orphanage gave us with pictures dating all the way back to when she was found.  I was in tears.  They also gave us the letter attached to her clothes when she was found.  Our guide later read us the letter. It was a very detailed letter about the child and how to care for her.  Because of the detail I have to believe it was a huge sacrifice to leave their daughter but that they did it out of love, hoping for a better life for her.  We also received a copy of the finding ad.  When a child is found they must put a finding ad in the newspaper with information on the child and a photo.  Of course, no one will claim the child.  It’s the very first picture of our daughter though.  The orphanage also brought the photo album of our family we had sent and the lovey.  She held on tight to her lovey and the orphanage said they showed her the photo album often.  I’m so glad we were able to send her a small gift.

From information and pictures we received we felt this little girl was deeply loved by the nannies.  Because they love her so much I think they are very excited for her to have a forever family.  Emily came in a beautiful red dress that our guide said was purchased long ago specifically for this day.

We left Civil Affairs and our guide took us to a store similar to Wal-Mart to purchase a stroller.  I brought a Ergo baby carrier but this little girl is every bit the 28 pounds they said she was in the update we received.  She loves to eat!


I doubt she’s been in a stroller the last two years but she knew exactly what it was for and couldn’t wait to get in.

We headed back to the hotel where we signed some more papers in preparation for Tuesday’s meeting back at Civil Affairs. We had to put a red thumbprint everywhere we signed.  We even had to put Emily’s footprint on one of the documents.

After signing all the paperwork, our guide, Echo, took Greg to get us some dinner.  Emily is used to eating congee so we wanted something familiar to her.  As expected, she gobbled it up.  While they were out getting food Emily and I played.  This little girl loves to play and eat.  I think she will get along great with another little two year old we love and adore.  The nanny that brought Emily said she loved to look at our Little Bug’s picture.

Stacking cups are her favorite toy so far. She loves to bang them together, stacking and knock them over, and the start over again.  She would even bring me to cups so we could bang the cups together.

While we were signing papers Emily kept reaching for the pen so I finally got out some crayons and paper. I packed these at the last minute and I’m so glad we brought them.  She knew just what to do and made her first drawing.

After eating we walked over to the huge mall connected to our hotel to let Emily walk around.  She was fascinated with the fountains.

We had a great afternoon playing and getting to know our little girl.  She came to us so easily.  However, when we began to get her ready for bed grief settled in.  She was terrified and cried and cried, looking at us like the complete strangers we were.  It broke my heart to hear her cry and no amount of rocking or singing seemed to calm her down.  We laid on the bed with her for a long time letting her know we were not going to leave her.  She finally calmed down and fell asleep.


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One Response to Gotcha Day (May 16)

  1. Katy Myers says:

    What a wonderful day, yet tinged with sadness at the end. I will pray it gets easier and easier as you all adjust. Thanks for sharing your journey!


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