It’s Official

Tuesday this little girl officially became a member of the Chapman family.


We’ve been getting to know her, what she likes and doesn’t like.  She loves when Greg tosses her in the air.  She loves to splash in the tub.



Today our guide took us to Xuanwuhu Park.  It is a lake with five islands connected by bridges.  It was a beautiful area and a great place for Emily to explore.

At the park she was fascinated with the grass.  I do know she was taken outside at the orphanage but she probably did not spend a lot of time, if any, walking and playing in the grass.  Today she would walk over, sit down and start pulling at the grass.  We gathered a few leaves for her to explore and she loved the crunchy sound they made.  She was fascinated when I would drop one and let it float to the ground.

We finally got to Facetime with the boys this morning so they could ‘meet’ Emily.  It was great!  They loved talking to her and she was mesmerized with them.  I can’t wait until we are home all together!  Before we hung up she blew kisses.  So sweet!



Emily loved playing in the tub yesterday so this afternoon we took her to the swimming pool.  She loved splashing in the water and ‘jumping’ in.  It’s so fun to watch her discover so many new things.  Yesterday we noticed she was very protective of her feet and her belly.  I got out some lotion to put on and she was fascinated so I put a little on her.  She held out her arm for more.  After her arms I put it on her legs and then gently tried her feet.  At first she pulled away but then she stuck out her foot for more.  She was so fascinated with the bottle of lotion she started sticking her finger in and then spreading the lotion on Greg’s hands.  It’s little things like this that you forget she has probably never experienced.



One of her favorite things to do is go in the elevator.  There’s a mirror on the ceiling and every time we go in she looks up and smiles.  She also experienced the escalator today and she loved riding on it as much as any two year old!

We’ve had fun getting to know her and exploring the city a little but there are of course moments that aren’t so great.  Everything is new and maybe a little over stimulating for her.  She’s two years old and she can’t communicate what she wants.  She is showing signs of attachment though and for that I am thankful.  If I leave the room she either follows me or gets upset.

Tomorrow we will visit her orphanage which will be an emotional day but I want to see the place where she has lived the last two years and meet some of the nannies who have cared for her.  She was, and is, very loved.   I can only compare to stories I’ve read and heard, but as far as orphanages go she was in a great place.  Monday they brought her in a special dress they picked out and Tuesday they brought gifts.  Emily was given a huge box of Hershey kisses when we first arrived.  We were also given a Brocade; it’s a beautiful fabric with a design woven in using gold thread.  It’s something Nanjing is known for.  We were also given something that looks like a small statue but on the bottom is her name in Chinese, which can be used as a stamp.  As far as I know, these gifts are not common.

I’m having issues with pictures again.  Hopefully I can post some tomorrow.

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5 Responses to It’s Official

  1. Marlene Gilleland says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. She is adorable! Can’t wait to meet her!


  2. gilleland5 says:

    Oh Lindsay, it sounds like she is doing so good! She must have been taken care of well and loved. What a blessing!!! That will serve her well in all her adjustments to come. So very different from one of ours. So glad that you get to see her orphanage. We did with Kendal but didn’t get to with Kole. I wasn’t warned, but it didn’t happen anyway, but don’t be alarmed if she cries at the orphanage. It’s al she’s ever known at this point. Especially if she was taken care of well. You and Greg are doing a great job! Thanks for sharing your journey!


  3. Mary says:

    you know I don’t have to say it but I am loving all these posts! Seems that she is doing really well! And I love that she’s experiencing new things and embracing you and Greg so quickly! Have a great time guys! Paige says hi to Emily!!


  4. James Nevins says:

    What great strides in international relations. Hope it opens some eyes here. Although I know that is not your motive. //Great Granpa.


  5. ttlennard says:

    So happy it’s going well and she is starting to bond. Love her pictures!


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