Orphanage Visit

I was looking forward to today and dreading it at the same time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to visiting Emily’s orphanage, the place she has lived for the last two years.  It was emotional, and my heart broke many times, but it was a blessing to see how much this little girl was loved.

When we arrived we waited outside while our guide called to let the orphanage know we were there.  As we were standing around taking a few pictures several nannies began calling our daughter’s name and we could not keep her away.  At first it was hard to see her run to them so quickly but at the same time I’m glad they care for her.


A bunch of the nannies were outside with kids from her room so we spent a long time outside while the nannies hugged and talked to Emily.  Their nickname for her is Hua Hua (Wa Wa).  This little girl was LOVED!!!

The one in the yellow shirt is the nanny she was closest to.  They were all so excited to see her.  As much as they enjoyed holding her they were great to ask her where mama was and point her to me.  When I would hold her and a nanny would come for a hug she would turn away from them.  Made this mama heart happy that she recognizes that I’m her mama.  We are her forever family.

One thing we’ve noticed is this little thumb thing she does.  If you give a thumbs up she will copy and then touch her thumb to yours.  The nannies did it several times while we were there.


The outside area we were in had cars driving in and out so they were pushing the kids around in what looks like a crib on wheels.  Emily kept trying to climb in so one of the nannies put her in with some kids from her room and we walked up to the orphanage.

Inside we got to see the room where Emily spent most of her time playing and eating.  We also got to see the crib where she slept.

We also got to see a preschool type room that she went to often. We stayed for about an hour and when we left there were no tears.  She waved good-bye and we left.

Our guide then took us to the spot where Emily was found.  It was right outside the orphanage outside an apartment complex.  We took a picture but it’s hard to imagine parents leaving her there in the middle of the night.  The note left with her was detailed so I have to believe they wanted her to be found but I cannot fathom leaving a child like that.  Yet it happens so often because of the laws, lack of affordable healthcare and cultural expectations.


Now there is a safe house right outside the orphanage.  At night parents can leave a child in the safe house and a caretaker will come for the child.


I am thankful that our little girl was loved and cared for so well over the last two years.  But, we look forward to the years ahead as we get to know her and love on her every day.

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4 Responses to Orphanage Visit

  1. gilleland5 says:

    That is the sweetest orphanage visit I have ever heard. I’ve watched several families besides our own experiences, and Emily’s return visit tops them all. I’m so happy for you guys! My God continue to bless you!!!


  2. Katy Myers says:

    I am so glad the visit went well. She is going to see a whole new world with your family. A room to herself (I’m assuming), a backyard to play in, and all the opportunities that await her.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey to adoption with us! I just read all of your updates and they had me crying! I’m SOOOO happy for you guys! Emily is a lucky little girl to have you guys as her parents! I can’t wait to meet her one day!


  4. jennysquint says:

    This fills my heart. What a lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love. I can’t wait to watch her grow in your family. Hugs to all of you!


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