Medical Appointment and Safari Park

Today we had Emily’s medical appointment in preparation for receiving her US visa.  We were supposed to have this appointment on Saturday but since our flight was canceled to Guangzhou Friday night we had to go today (Monday). We headed to the clinic around 7:45am to beat the crowd; another agency was taking a large group around 9am.  When you go with a large group it can take 2-3 hours to complete all the medical evaluations.  Ours lasted about 30 minutes.  The doctors simply check to make sure the child is healthy and document any special medical conditions.  Emily has a repaired cleft palate (not a cleft lip) and she takes medication for hypothyroidism.  The final step was the TB test.  I thought she was getting a shot but they actually drew blood and will test it for TB.  For the blood draw they took her into a room with frosted glass windows and shut the door.  I heard lots of crying but she was out within a few minutes.  She was still crying but cheerios seem to fix almost everything for her.  This girl loves to eat, especially snacks.

When we walked into the clinic around 8:15am  it was already packed with people.  However, as a US adoptive family we were able to walk straight to an exam room.  Our guide said most of the people waiting had family that had immigrated to the US and many had been waiting about ten years to begin the immigration process (and the medical evaluation is only the first step!)  This is only half of the people we saw waiting.


A few of the many skyscrapers in Guangzhou.

The tall, thin building on the left is the TV tower.  It is apparently the third tallest in the world and they are quite proud of it, at least our tour guide is.  🙂

After the medical exam we met up with our group and headed to the Safari Park here in Guangzhou.  It was amazing!  They have a ton of animals and you can get pretty close to most of them.  They don’t just have 3-4 giraffes or 5 elephants.  They have probably 20+ of most of the animals.

We started with the ride through safari then continued to explore for another 3 hours on foot.

Emily loved it but all the new sites and sounds wore her out!


By the way, it is so hot and humid here.  It feels like August in Kansas or Oklahoma!

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