One Month as a Chapman

Yesterday marked one month since we met Emily and she joined our family.  That day in China seems like such a long time ago. While she still has a lot of challenges ahead she has changed so much in just one month.  

She plays with her brothers.

She lets us comfort her.

She can pick up a cheerio.

Just yesterday she pointed to herself when I asked “Where’s Emily?”

Her tantrums are fewer.  

She’s catching on to some sign language. 

She can say “Hi.”

She’s learning to feed herself with a spoon.

She put two shapes in a shape sorter yesterday.

She’s learning to put things down gently rather than throwing them across the room (well, sometimes)

She can crawl up 2-3 steps on her own.

Such little things, but such big changes in our precious girl.  She is thriving and changing but she is also changing us.  We can’t imagine our family without her.   We are blessed to be her forever family!

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