One year ago…

One year ago today we took a huge step of faith.  One year ago we submitted our application for adoption with Holt International.  One year ago we began the process that was supposed to take 18-24 months.

I vividly remember the moment I hit submit on the application.  I was absolutely confident this was God’s calling for our family but I kept thinking Greg would change his mind.  I asked a hundred times “Are you sure?”  But he is not one to change his mind once a decision has been made.  And, we had talked and researched extensively over the previous two months.  As soon as I hit submit though, I panicked.  What if we aren’t supposed to do this?  The costs are enormous.  What if we aren’t prepared for this?  

Over the next couple of months God continuously reminded me in miraculous ways that this was his calling and in taking a step of faith we won’t always have the answers.  He had proven faithful in my life before and that wouldn’t change.

One year ago we began the journey to bring this precious girl into our family (although she was unknown to us at the time.)

We were simply hoping to be matched with a child at this point; we never dreamed she’d already be a member of our family.

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