One Year


I can’t even believe I’m writing this.  I can not believe it has been one year since we met our daughter for the first time outside the civil affairs office in Nanjing.


It seems like yesterday.  Yet, I cannot imagine our family without her.

She has changed so much over past year.  We all have changed.


I was reading back over some of the posts I made in the first weeks home.  When we first got home she could walk but stumbled often on uneven surfaces.  She couldn’t go up or down the stairs.  She tried so hard to jump along with her brothers.

Now, I hear squeals of joy as she runs across the room with her brothers.  She is constantly jumping.  And I loved the proud smile on her face when she walked down the stairs for the first time all by herself.

A year ago she wasn’t speaking any words, even in Chinese.  She still has a ways to go in her speech development, but her language has exploded over the last few months.   For a little girl who may have learned to get her needs met by being the loudest (screaming) or being the cutest, one of my favorite phrases to hear lately is “Hold me.”   The first few months home we struggled with her showing affection to anyone and everyone who crossed her path.  We’ve worked hard to help her understand that we are her family.   Recently I have loved hearing her sit at the table and point to each one of us as she says our names, including herself.  She knows her people!  She knows her grandparents, she knows her cousins, she knows our close friends.  It’s such a joy to hear her squeal with joy when she recognizes those close to us.

And it has been such a joy to watch her develop a relationship with her brothers.


I love this picture!  This is the first time they met yet it is such a true picture of their relationship.

We’ve had some rough days, we’ve had some long days, but it has been such a privilege and a joy to watch her grow and develop.  I am learning patience and compassion that I didn’t know I had.  I am learning how much grace, patience and compassion is so often shown to me.  God has been so good and so faithful.




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One Response to One Year

  1. James Nevins says:

    Oh hower fortunate I have to have these ‘kin’


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