We are excited to add to our family and become a forever family for a child in need. Adoption is a lengthy, emotional and expensive process.  We are putting money in savings for each of these expenses and we will be applying for grants.  However, if you would be willing to support us in any way we would be grateful.  We have set up an account with PureCharity that lets friends and family make tax-deductible donations in support of our adoption.  PureCharity is a non-profit organization that will collect funds for our adoption; funds are then sent to our adoption agency when  various payments are due.

Most importantly we covet your prayers.  Please be in prayer for Greg and I as we prepare ourselves and our boys for a new family member.  Please be in prayer for the little girl that we do not yet know.  Please be in prayer for the transition as we bring her into a new country, a new home and a new family.

If you are able and willing to support us please visit our site at PureCharity:


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